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Extend your care continuum beyond the walls of your site without becoming a home health agency
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Our home and community-based care division brings case management solutions to post-acute health care providers faced with increasing acuity of patients, increased burden of cost management, and high risk of payor penalties from re-hospitalization. We create narrow network partnerships and establish support services in order for our clients to provide rehabilitation and chronic care management in the home.
Care Continuity Services and More
• Outpatient Therapy In Home
• Home Health Partnerships
• Transitional Care Management
• Chronic Care Management
• Remote Patient Monitoring
• Industry Leading Expertise
Outpatient Therapy
We bring physical, occupational and speech therapists directly to the patient’s home with our concierge outpatient rehabilitation services.
Chronic &
Transitional Care
In conjunction with your primary care physician, Select provides transitional care management services for patients leaving a hospital or nursing home. Select also manages patients chronic conditions in the home through our Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring Services.
Strategic Relationships
We partner with quality home health agencies for which our clients refer their patients so that our clinicians remain involved in their care plan.
“Our mission is to help post-acute providers follow their patients home, leaving their customers satisfied, functioning at their maximum potential, and out of a costly healthcare system.”
Mike Capstick, PT
President, Select Rehabilitation
Our Process

We begin by understanding our clients' goals and objectives.
  • Are you looking for opportunities to own more of your own continuum?
  • Would it benefit your patients to have direct physician oversight of their aftercare in the home?
  • Are you looking for ways to stabilize occupancy in your assisted living?
  • Could providing care to individuals outside the physical construct of your location help bring services to future prospects or referrals and strengthen your medical community partnerships?
One Stop Solution
We then analyze your business opportunity and provide options for accomplishing your objectives. Once engaged with us, we will work to implement and deploy operations in your new practice. We will then take over the day-to-day management using our in-house billing experts, consultants, and operators.