Older male patient interacting with clinical staff

MDS Assist Optical Scanning Technology

The PDPM coding solution designed specifically for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs)

More accurate reimbursement and identification of patient needs

Select Rehabilitation offers MDS Assist™—our optical scanning software and electronic portal, specifically developed to support our clients with timely and accurate MDS completion.

  • Scans for over 37,000 ICD-10 codes and 1.4 million medical terms
  • Analyzes hospital, SNF, and therapy records for 5-day MDS submission
  • Analyzes codes and medical terminology that apply to PDPM and maps to appropriate sections of the MDS
  • Highlights the exact location of supportive documentation within the medical record
  • Converts unstructured medical data (hospital records) into appropriate ICD-10 codes
  • Generates reports that compare final MDS to potential MDS items not coded
  • Wizard feature assists MDS coordinator in identifying reporting conflicts and possible missed MDS coding opportunities
  • Ensures ICD-10 codes are mapped appropriately to payment under PDPM